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In a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) No. 25/2017 CM No. 1456/020 I.A Nos. 1/2017 & 2/2017 titled SAVE (Save Animal value Environment) Vs UT of J&K and others, filed in Hon'ble High Court of J&K regarding encroachment of Forest Land, the Hon'ble High Court passed directions to the Government of J&K for  appointment of a committee with the time bound mandate of receiving and deciding all complaints of encroachments of forest land.

In pursuance to the directions of Hon'ble High Court, the Government of J&K issued Govt. order No. 876-JK(GAD) of 2020 dated 19-09-2020 for constitution of a Committee for deciding complaints pertaining to the encroachment of forest land/property.

As per the said Govt. Order, the Terms of reference of Committee shall be as under :-

  • To ensure creation of a dedicated website of the Committee;

  • To decide all complaints received by it, after notice to the complainant and alleged encroacher, within one month of the receipt of complaint, extendable to two months for reasons to be recorded;

  • To serve notices to complainants at the addresses disclosed in the complaint, and, on the encroacher, at all encroached land/ property. The Notices shall be additionally posted on the website to be maintained by the committee which shall be deemed to be sufficient notice to the parties;

  • To accord hearing by the committee using the e-mode. For expediency, facility of video calls for conducting hearings may be utilized;

  • To communicate proceedings and orders passed by the Committee to the parties and posting these on its website;

  • To ensure widespread publicity of the constitution of this committee and its activities.